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Multi-Room Audio Delivers High-End Entertainment to Your Whole Home

A living space featuring Sonance in-wall speakers for a multi-room audio setup.

One Tap of a Button Streams Your Favorite Media to Every Living Space

Your home entertainment deserves to shine throughout your Toronto, ON, property, letting every room experience the same high-performance music and media. An upgraded multi-room audio system can deliver this distributed setup to your entire home at just the press of a button.

Multi-room audio seamlessly brings your favorite tunes and media to every corner of your property, but how can you make the most of this distribution system? Keep reading to learn how you can optimize this sound setup and how our team at Design Electronics can help.

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Why Work with a Design Engineer for Your Centralized Distribution?

An AV display from the Rameses Exhibition showcasing a statue of Ramses at the center with two screens on either side of it.

The Ramses Exhibition Showcases Design Electronics’ Trusted Installation Services

Crafting an extravagant commercial display of any size can be quite an undertaking. Whether for a single-day event or a months-long exhibition at a museum, a display showcasing artifacts and art that can’t be found anywhere else in the world requires intricate attention to detail and proper planning.

So, why work with a company like Design Electronics for your upcoming exhibition or commercial AV project? What makes our team stand apart, and why is a specific design engineer so essential for a centralized distribution and installation at this level? Bringing stunning audiovisuals, automated technologies, and high-end security together under one cohesive system is a feat meant for professionals.

Keep reading to learn more about our installation services, the Ramses Exhibition, and why working with us is a must for your next project.

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How Can Motorized Blinds Enhance Your Smart Living Experience?

A living space featuring motorized blinds from Lutron.

Upgrade Your Smart Home Setup with This Innovative Solution

Have you considered automated window treatments for your Toronto, OT home? This smart solution may be lower on your essential smart technology list. But bringing motorized blinds to your entire property can transform your daily living experience entirely.

At just the press of a button, you have absolute control over your home’s natural lighting! With automated window treatments across your property, you can properly illuminate your living spaces and maintain privacy and security with ease.

Want to find out more about this innovative solution and how it can elevate your smart home living experience? Keep reading below.

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Design Electronics Delivers a Top-Tier Commercial AV Design

Design Electronics Delivers a Top-Tier Commercial AV Design

Experience an Unparalleled Level of Immersion at the Ramses the Great Exhibition

Across the globe, museums and their touring exhibitions draw in millions to witness history on display. No matter how much prior knowledge of the featured topic visitors have, there is always something for everyone. However, there is often a missing component to these museum setups and exhibition installations: immersion.

Showcasing historical information and its accompanying irreplaceable artifacts can only go so far in creating an inviting, educational environment. Upgrading the atmosphere overall with high-end commercial AV design is a must for any museum. Based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Design Electronics equips our exhibition installations with stunning audio-video components, security solutions, and beyond.

With the Ramses the Great exhibition currently touring in San Francisco, Design Electronics has proven that our expertise and professional implementation provide the immersive experience that every patron craves. Keep reading below to learn more about this unique exhibition and how our team helped bring it to life.

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