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What Does a Crestron Installation from Design Electronics Entail?

Several conference rooms featuring Crestron displays and solutions

Create the Ideal Environment for Your Office

Creating the ideal work environment within your office space isn't just about functional layouts and comfortable furnishings—it's about seamlessly integrating technology to optimize productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. A professional Crestron installation from our team at Design Electronics offers a transformative solution that can redefine the traditional office setting across your Toronto, Ontario, business.

From fostering seamless communication to enhancing workflow and comfort, a professional Crestron installation represents the pinnacle of technological innovation tailored to elevate your office into a dynamic, connected, and highly efficient workspace. You can enhance every meeting, presentation, and more!

Let's dive into the detailed steps involved in bringing the power of Crestron solutions into your workplace and revolutionizing the way your office operates and collaborates. Keep reading below for more!

Upgrade Your Auditorium Sound System to Enhance Every Performance & Presentation

An auditorium filled with people sitting and a large screen is lowered at the front.

Create the Ideal Soundscape Across Your Auditorium

An auditorium sound system serves as the heartbeat of any performance, presentation, or educational endeavor held within its walls! Beyond merely amplifying sound, it creates an immersive experience, turning spoken words, melodies, and effects into a symphony that resonates with every audience.

A professionally designed sound system not only ensures crystal-clear audio but also sets the stage for impactful communication, engaging performances, and unforgettable moments within the auditorium's space. Want to learn what goes into upgrading this sound setup for your Toronto, Ontario auditorium? Keep reading below.

Design Electronics Is Your Luxury Home Automation Integrator

A luxurious open living space featuring a mounted flat-screen TV, couches, and large windows.

Learn Why Our Estate Certification with HTA Is Key

When it comes to crafting exceptional living experiences for clients through advanced technology and seamless automation, our team of experts at Design Electronics stands apart from the rest. As a luxury home automation integrator with an Estate Certification from the Home Technology Association (HTA), we are a premier choice in the industry.

But what is this certification? As the ultimate standard for excellence in the luxury home automation sector, this HTA certification not only highlights Design Electronics' unparalleled expertise but also assures clients of a superior level of service, design, and installation. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxurious and innovative home automation services in Toronto, Ontario, then you’ve found the right team in Design Electronics.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the different levels of this distinguished certification and how Design Electronics has met and achieved these requirements. Keep reading to learn more!

The Ramses Exhibition Is Headed to Australia

The Battle of Kadesh table projector from the Ramses exhibition.

Design Electronics Delivers a Stunning Commercial Audio-Video Installation

After its incredible success in Paris, the Ramses exhibition is now coming to the Australia Museum in Sydney! From November 18, 2023, to May 19, 2024, you can experience the wonderful and immersive experience that is “Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs,” which features over 180 artifacts from Egypt.

Our team at Design Electronics always aims to deliver a top-notch commercial audio-video installation with every Toronto, Ontario, project. The Ramses installation proves that we can take our expertise and services anywhere! Read on below to learn more about this stunning exhibition and how our team of professionals can assist with your upcoming installations.


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