We Are Going Hybrid

No, this is not about getting a new hybrid car.

In the past year some of us have been able to work from home with others in remote locations, all supported by essential in-office people. Our suppliers and customers are doing the same. We used the videoconference apps (Teams, Zoom, etc.) as well as our email and phones to keep in contact.

Now we connect with almost anyone anywhere. All our documents, spreadsheets, images, etc. everything we need to get our work done, is in electronic format and available at the click of the mouse.

The above also created a type of working flexibility that has demonstrated an increase in efficiency, quality of work, and job satisfaction. Good for both the people and companies involved. The result:

As we look forward beyond Covid, our workplace is expected remain a mix of in-office and remote work locations. The emerging description for this is the hybrid workplace, and us, the hybrid workforce.

What in audio-visual systems is needed to support the hybrid workplace?

Video conference Systems that are fully compatible with the selected conference apps to connect to everyone. And our AV systems that can also change and stay up to date with this changing workplace.

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