Why Carpet Is Best For Sound

When it comes to theatre flooring it’s a must to choose carpet for best sound. It’s one of the simplest things you can do to improve room acoustics

Carpet is a great choice for home theatre flooring. It is cozy, warm, looks great, and most importantly – in my world – improves room acoustics.

You also get to enjoy that new carpet smell for a while (lots of us love that smell). It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your speakers and amplifiers: if you room has bad acoustics you simply won’t get to enjoy that true home theatre experience.

So, what are bad acoustics? In really basic terms: if the room has bit of an echo this will be bad for your sound quality. Do the clap test. Sharply clap your hands and see if there is an echo. When there is an echo it makes it difficult to understand voices and dialogue and it muddles up the detail in music and sound effects. The echo can also make bass boomy and inconsistent. It also takes away from your stereo sound imaging and accurate sound staging, which are both key factors to sound taking you to a different place… escaping. And isn’t escaping the whole point of going to the theatre?

If there is still a slight echo after your carpet and furniture go in, then you may need to do a little more work on the rear or front wall to stop the slap echo effect fully.

When it comes to selecting carpet, get one that not only looks fantastic, but keep your budget in mind and make sure that it is a little cushy. Don’t get a really hard one like a sizel or something as that won’t be nearly as good.

One of my favourite brands of carpet these days is Stanton and the best place to buy it around here, in Ontario’s Golden Horshoe, is from is Alexanian Carpet and Flooring.

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