Hatcher Smart Home & Theatre

“We’ll use Design Electronics again. The organization, I’ve already passed on their name to friends starting with similar projects. We’re very impressed with not only the product but having people who can work with you and getting the final product you really want is extremely important. On that level of service, we were extremely happy.” - Hatcher

Location: Burlington, Ontario
Budget: $150-$250k

Our client was building their dream home and the overall high-level objective was to create the client’s dream AV entertainment, security and home automation system. Our home-owner is a true enthusiast of technology and entertainment and the joy that a well designed and installed system can bring without taking anything away from a stunning architectural achievement.  Aesthetics combined with rock-solid performance were a huge theme for their objectives.

Extensive multi-room audio coverage was desired with 9x indoor and 1x outdoor zones in total. The multi-room audio needed simple access to individual zone controls as well as groups and party mode controls. From a video perspective, our client wanted to enjoy TV in up to 6x areas with personalized AV sources for each family member.

Next on the list was to achieve beautiful windows with integrated motorized roller shades, installed in an un-cluttered yet serviceable way.  This automated control of natural direct and diffused light needed to synergize with the lighting design throughout the home. It was decided that centralized lighting control with local and whole home based scenes would best allow for the capturing of the Architect’s vision for light fixture combinations and dimming levels for every occasion.  This would also make it possible to eliminate any wall clutter of switches and controls.

Sleek, simple interfaces installed into the most functional locations was high on this client’s priority list too, with focus on iOS smart device integration and remote access.  From a networking stand-point, flawless Ethernet along with seamless WiFi roaming throughout the property was required.  The purpose was to maximize convenience and communication efficiency.

When it came to family entertainment, one of the goals was to create an incredible custom home theatre with 120” 2.35:1 screen and a soundproof venue with high performance was a must, with plenty of seating for friends and family to enjoy.

In terms of security and peace of mind, security camera surveillance covering all of the outdoor views of the property, coupled with state-of-the-art burglary and safety systems inside the home were needed.  Full touchscreen integration with the security system from Crestron interfaces was also needed.