AV Brings T-Rex to Life at Arizona Science Center

Location: Arizona Science Center, Phoenix

Client Needs

Our client, IMG EI,  had a vision to use technology to enhance and seamlessly tell the story behind Victoria, one of the most complete T.Rex Fossils in the world and the Largest travelling T-Rex Exhibition. The objective was to create an immersive environment to transport museum guests back in time, over 66 million years ago, to see, hear, touch and feel what it was like to be in the pre-historic age when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The Exhibtion was designed to tour museum facilities throughout North America, and as such would need to be modular, reliable and user friendly to accommodate the varying infrastructure and personnel by museum. Building on our 15 year experience in Museum Exhibition Design, Delivery and Support  we were able to meet the clients needs within budget and on-time, while delivering the immersive experience of a Dinosaur Exhibit like no other.


Projection Mapping –As part of a value based engineering solution, the Barco G60 projector was used vertically for projection in its first use case for the model.  Based on our close working relationship with the manufacturer, we were able to innovate a custom solution that provided a high level of color accuracy and image uniformity at a nominal price compared to typical designs in the market.   We provided consulting and project coordination on all aspects of this feature element including Consultation, Procurement, System Design, Rigging Plans, Programming and Support.  This element allows users in large groups to see what the daily life was for the creatures that existed in that era. The Projection is mapped to a scaled three dimensional model of a landscape with a volcano.  Our provided show controls triggers an immersive experience throughout the media playback loop when the volcano erupts with Lighting Control and Sound Effects, further enhancing the story of Victoria.

Diorama – A Custom immersive Digital Diorama was fabricated by Ravenswood Studio which literally allowed guests to step into what looks like a typical Diorama from the entrance.  We created a pocket of experiences containing 4 individual but intertwining stories. We provided a pixel density study to measure brightness and shadowing, and ultimately opted for flat panel displays. The content reflects the plant, animal and environmental conditions of Victoria’s time and is operated with a Medialon Showmaster LE platform.

Holographic Imaging –. 3D Hologram Pyramids were used to custom fabricate interactive and visually immersive kiosks where guest could build their own dinosaur, see it in a 3D hologram above them, then share their dinosaur to a separate video landscape.

Intro Theater – We created an immersive experience introducing visitors to Victoria’s story using Barco F70-4K8 projection. This projector is robust and durable for touring applications, which we knew from past experience. We also like the crisp, bright laser imagery for the content being displayed.

Audio – Multi-channel audio system powered by Medialon servers and Bose speakers creates a layered and immersive audio experience. The Bose Professional RoomMatch system provides an even and visceral SPL throughout the theater. The addition of bass shakers, lighting cues and overhead video envelopes created an exciting environment throughout