Design Electronics can serve congregations of any size with crystal-clear intelligibility, high-definition projection and closed-circuit networking and broadcasting capabilities. We will assess the needs of your service, analyze your place of worship, and custom design a systems integration that will enhance your ability to provide inspiration to your congregation.

When approaching any worship-related systems integration, Design Electronics works diligently to understand the unique systems requirements of each individual installation. Our first course of action is to conduct a detailed inspection and assessment of the worship facility in order to provide an idealized systems integration. Additionally, we will observe the service session to have a complete understanding of our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Our strength lies in our ability to not only provide audiovisual, projection and broadcasting technologies, but to fine-tune them so that our systems integrations operate optimally, offering the greatest sound, image and broadcasting impact available. Regardless of the size of the place of worship, we focus on providing crystal-clear intelligibility, ensuring your words are heard.

In addition to providing optimized audio and visual solutions integrated into our clients’ actual place of worship, Design Electronics has been increasingly offering broadcasting services to the worship sector. By providing easy-to-use broadcasting and streaming systems, our clients have the ability to simultaneously broadcast religious services to any satellite congregation, regardless of distance or location. Our clients find this service invaluable, as it allows the word to be spread far and wide from a central location.

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