As a designated and certified government vendor, Design Electronics has been directly involved in several publicly funded projects. We work closely with third-party contractors, interior designers, and technology teams while bringing our own expertise and knowledge to every project.

Design Electronics has extensive experience working on government-tendered contracts and has a thorough understanding of the intricate requirements involved. We have successfully bid and completed several government installations, delivering solutions that not only met the scope and requirements of the project, but surpass the expectations.

Our installations are designed to provide long-term and durable solutions requiring minimal future upgrades and enhancements. Our ability to provide future-proof systems has become the cornerstone of our reputation amongst government organizations. We have a reputation of delivering products that meet the required technological capabilities, while also aligning with the defined strategic and budgetary parameters.

Design Electronics’ strength lies in its ability to customize any system to fit an organization’s specific needs and streamline their operations. Our mission is to deliver an efficient and cost-effective solution, on time and on budget.

Design Electronics’ enhanced standby support will guarantee your operations are running smoothly and incident-free. Available 24/7, our expert staff of service technicians will ensure that any technological or programming issue is dealt with urgently and correctly, resulting in minimal or no downtime.

Contact us today and discover how we can create a custom designed solution to enhance your government installation. When you work with us you will be amazed. Welcome to the Design Electronics Experience.