Design and 3D Imaging

What Steps Are Involved in Creating a Custom Home Theatre Room?

Our Home Theatre Design Team is here to work with you every step of the way in creating the custom home theatre room you have long been dreaming of. We will make your space full of life and a true reflection of your family’s values.

Home Theatre CAD Designs and 3D Imaging

Home theatre planning and design comprises of many aspects that are interdependent of one another and this is the reason for the creation of CAD designs and 3D renderings. This step is a necessity, not an option.

Detailed CAD drawings and 3D photo-realistic renderings that we develop ensure that you are getting exactly what you were hoping for. You are able to visualize first-hand the interior décor layout, seating and all important details including colours, fabrics and trim. The drawings and renderings ensure that nothing is missed and that every aspect of your home theatre is kept top of mind with the design team and all trades involved. They also help you to easily decide if any further changes are needed for your dynamic project. This innovative approach, which embraces the latest in CAD technology, will also allow our team to effectively and efficiently utilize the drawings to ensure your final project replicates the renderings and is completed to all design specs.

The Home Theatre Design Process 

Our team is innovative and we are experts in project management – from start to finish.

First, you will receive a concept for interior design; 3D photo-realistic computer-generated rendering.  This will be your virtual sketch of the final piece of art. We will also provide you with a room layout, along with tiered seating placement and specs.  Our design team takes into consideration the furniture you have selected and the average amount of people viewing at one time.

Then we will walk you through the sightline analysis where we conduct a CAD study on optimal viewing distances, angles, and specification of the right screen size and materials. Our team will also identify projector details and throw distances and placement.

And there are more finite details we will take care of while working with you on your custom home theatre room including: construction planning; sound-proofing and any specification requirements; seating platform (riser) details and construction specifications; lighting layout and wiring requirements with reflected ceiling electrical plans; lighting and fixtures and specification; speaker locations and specification; and wall evaluations and details involving architectural millwork and trim plans.

Our CAD and 3D renderings will also aid us in identifying acoustic treatments and layout. Additionally, this technology will provide us with the right specifications of correct acoustical treatments and their accurate placement.

Design Electronics works with a team of highly experienced and passionate home theatre experts that will be assigned to your project. You can expect creativity, care, passion, great follow-up, and bragging-rights-worthy-results that you will be proud of and love for years to come.

Contact us today and discover how we can create a custom designed solution that will enhance your home and lifestyle. When you work with us you will be amazed. Welcome to the Design Electronics Experience.