What Is A Custom Home Theatre Consultation?

A custom home theatre room starts with your vision. The initial home theatre consultation will bring your ideas to life.

Like any major renovation project, creating a custom home theatre room requires detailed planning, and pricing points will vary based on budget, style, space, and technology utilized.

One of our System Design Consultants will meet with you and conduct a thorough discussion and walk-through of your space to gain a better understanding of what is required and an analysis of what your project would entail will be well planned out.

Once a mutual agreement of expectations and vision is established, our Home Theatre Design Team will then create a budget accordingly.

A custom home theatre consultation is an educational experience. We will provide you with information that involves acoustical treatment, lighting, shades, speakers, soundproofing, surround sound, projectors, screens, flat-screens, seating, and the benefits of home automation. One thing is certain: you will gain a solid understanding of all the components in creating your dream custom home theatre room.

Which custom home theatre room is best?

The best custom home theatre room is one that is right for your space and your desires. There are unlimited numbers of styles and every client and every project is unique and one-of-a-kind. There are literally thousands of products and our Home Theatre Design Team is educated and well-versed in all of the latest products and solutions. We will confidently be able to identify an outstanding overall solution to suit your vision.

How much is a custom home theatre room?

Home theatres can vary a great deal in cost. A good way to think of it is in terms of a new kitchen or a new car. There is a wide range of high-quality options that are reasonably and economically priced and there is also a wide range of luxury upgrades and unique ultra-luxury options are something to consider as well if you have the means and the vision to create a truly discerning high-performance flagship space and system in your home.

Contact us today and discover how we can create a custom designed solution that will enhance your home and lifestyle. When you work with us you will be amazed. Welcome to the Design Electronics Experience.