At Design Electronics, systems engineering is our passion and life-long pursuit. The basis of all our success as an audio-visual Systems Integration leader is our ability to not only attract but also keep onboard as part of our team, the industry’s best and brightest electronics engineers, CAD experts, and engineer technician specialists.

The Design Electronics Sales Team dedicates itself to supplying clients with a professional, customized, and competitively priced audio, visual, lighting, and security solution for any systems integration project. Each expert member of the Sales Team at Design Electronics is a professionally trained Engineer with extensive experience in the systems integration market. The Design Electronics Sales Team is capable of providing cutting-edge technical skill and the most current knowledge of the latest audio-visual systems integration trends, technologies, products, and applications. This industry-leading approach ensures every client’s requirements are fully realized while making the greatest impact in the most cost-effective manner, regardless of size.

As new digital technological advances continue to revolutionize the audio-visual markets, the Design Electronics Sales Team remains up-to-date with the newest product offerings from the most sought after manufacturers supplying the systems integration markets. This knowledge guarantees that any requirements of the client are achieved using the most advanced technologies available and ensures a future-proof solution that offers seamless integration, ease of use, and networked support.

The Sales Team at Design Electronics works closely with clients to create a personalized budget reflective of the scope and requirements of the project. All quotes generated are itemized for transparency so features can be easily added or subtracted depending on the budget and desired results. The Sales Team can also create a solution based on a pre-determined budget while providing the best possible integration.

Contact us today and discover how we can create a custom designed solution that will enhance your space. When you work with us you will be amazed. Welcome to the Design Electronics Experience.