Design Electronics – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Design Electronics has been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic closely and has decided to implement new policies and procedures to help protect our customers, community and staff as we strive to safely deliver the exceptional solutions and support our customers rely on.  These steps and protocols are designed to minimize the potential for virus transmission and will continue to evolve with the release of new information and requirements.

Our safety protocols currently include the following:

  1. Every project team member is provided with separate and individual means of travel and overnight accommodation in observance of physical distancing recommendations and mandates
  2. Our staff members observe physical distancing recommendations and mandates in our customers’ places of business and residences, and at home and co-location offices.
  3. We have increased the number of hand sanitizing stations throughout our offices, warehouse’, and pre-build and staffing areas and mandate frequent hand washing. On site project and service technicians are supplied with replenishable kits that include Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, disposal gloves and masks
  4. Our technicians sanitize known touched surfaces at end of each day/shift
  5. Our entire staff observes additional personal hygiene protocols, including:
    1. No handshaking or other bodily contact
    2. Frequent handwashing/sanitizing
    3. Avoiding touching one’s face
    4. Coughing or sneezing into the inner elbow
    5. Maintaining a 6’ physical distance
  6. We have taken extra measures to have staff work from home where possible, isolate those at the office by floor and area, regularly sanitize our warehouse, have limited outside access solely to vendor deliveries, and our technicians are provided with an isolated pre-build and testing area and observe a new parts pick-up protocol which minimizes direct interaction with other staff
  7. We have enacted a very strict self-reporting and 2-week self-isolation protocol that all employees must follow if they have had known exposure or are experiencing any symptoms of the virus, or have travelled domestically or internationally
  8. Our field staff are mandated to immediately report any site condition and/or human behavior concerns, including indication of symptoms of the virus, and known exposure of others sharing the same work site. Reports are sent to both the Site Manager/Foreman and to Project Management Office, for immediate action.

Our office is closed to the public, however we do continue to respond to and support the essential needs of our valuable clientele, we can be reached at

We will continue to take the concerns and safety of our customers, employees and the general public very seriously, and evolve our response as we strive to do our part to support and protect them along with the Canadian economy.

For more information on infection prevention please visit

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