How Amazon’s Echo Spot and Echo Show Will Enhance Your Lifestyle

The chatter in the home-smart-home-industry for the last while has been all about voice control technology, and now it’s all about smart ambient computing.

Brace yourself – your lifestyle has just been enhanced in a big way, thanks to new technology.

Amazon and Google recently launched their voice control technology brands, giving homeowners the power to talk to their homes and check the weather and sports scores and traffic, and control, monitor and access lights, security cameras, and entertainment systems.

Voice control technology is advancing and Amazon is leading the way in taking it all to a whole new level… yet again. You see, the popular tech giant has just launched two new innovative products that will make your home feel like you’re on the main deck of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek. Now that’s pretty cool!

Meet Amazon’s Echo Spot and Echo Show, two devices you will be more than impressed with.

From Voice Control Technology to Video: Echo Spot Lets You Be The Boss At Home

Echo Spot is more like a smart alarm clock for the bedroom, and which is similar to Echo Plus, Echo and Echo Dot technology, where you can use your voice to control and command it. What makes this gizmo so unique is that it has a circular touch-screen. You can use the screen to make video calls with other Echo devices and smartphones, and the device also plays music, answers questions, controls smart home gadgets, sets’ timers and alarms, and so much more!

Echo Spot is available in white or black and its display measures 2.5” across and it is 480-pixels-wide, which is ideal for watching Amazon Prime Videos. The screen is great for displaying a customized clock and there are over a dozen interfaces you can select in analogue and digital designs. Four of the designs can also be customized with your own selection of personal photos. Additionally, Echo Spot displays “to-do-lists,” album art, and shopping lists, and accessing the weather can be done with a quick glance at the screen.

Echo Show Keeps You In Control Of Your Home Without Lifting a Finger

Echo Show is another cool gadget that will boost the IQ of your home. Its 7” video-touch-screen, with a built-in speaker and microphone, is slick and stylish in design. Echo Show’s home screen displays the time and weather, and cycles through schedules and trending news stories locally and internationally. You can also use Echo Show to watch videos, manage lists, get recipes, and obtain a visual view of various timers.

You can ask Echo Show questions and get important updates on the weather and traffic conditions. Even better, the device offers full home automation integration benefits with Crestron, Control4 and Savant, keeping you in control of your property at all times.

While Echo Show won’t give Sonos a run for its money on the audio front, its sounds system is still great. While in the kitchen or living room, you can ask it to play a mix of songs, or select your favourite album, and you will be amazed with its awesome audio sound – quality close-up and across a room.  And, although it can’t compete with Sonos directly, you can still download Sonos Skill for Alexa and have voice control of your Sonos system.

You can also use Echo Show as a video calling device. That’s right, you can call others right from the comfort of your home, and the device allows you to make and accept calls from any mobile device. The quality of video-calls is picture-perfect – clear, and sharp. As well, this new technology allows you to have home video intercom capability and front door phone video integration, which means you can speak with whoever is at your door while you are home or away.

This super-simple face-time device is easy-to-use and fits in well with any style of décor.

What makes all this technology so impressive is that it allows you to be the boss at home without lifting a finger.

And this technology is easy to use. When you purchase Echo Spot or Echo Show, all you need to do is turn it on, connect to Wi-Fi, and you will be immersed in smart home technology in a matter of minutes. Voice control technology has sure come a long way. Now we have video to add in the mix.

Amazon’s new video-voice-command devices script a whole new chapter in smart home technology.

The future has arrived – welcome aboard!

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