Meet Solo Pro: The New Portable Screen That You Can Take Anywhere

If you like the idea of taking your movie watching outdoors, then Solo Pro is a new screen on the market that you will want to get your hands on!

It’s called Solo Pro, this motorized zero-edge screen in a portable cassette mounts to just about anything and it’s perfect for inside the house, the patio and even the backyard.

Developed by Screen Innovations, this technology is being hailed as the world’s first motorized screen powered by a smart-lithium-motor that is capable of being recharged 500 times, lasting nearly two years on a single cycle. Now that’s impressive. It can be hard-wired too for more permanent installation.

You can install this screen in your living room, your back deck, on the side of your van or even your camper. The cassette that holds the screen comes in a variety of colours to further enhance the “zero-edge look,” making it blend in amazingly with décor, and suction-cup- brackets are used for quick mounting.

Solo Pro Components

When you purchase Solo Pro, you also get an innovative radio-frequency-remote that can wirelessly operate the screen from up to 30-feet and you don’t even need to aim it at the receiver.

What makes this new and innovative screen extra-special is that you can take it anywhere: it’s lightweight and is fully adaptable to meet an array of mounting applications.  Even better, thanks to myLink technology, you can control Solo Pro in the palm of your hand, or with the sound of your voice with Amazon’s Echo.

And yes, with the myLink app you can also maximize loads of benefits on your smartphone, like monitoring and controlling your shades, blinds, awnings, screen and shutters, while at home or away. This is great for energy savings, privacy, comfort and convenience.

Solo Pro is sleek and slick in design and is more than aesthetically pleasing. Solo Pro looks like a super expensive luxury product and yet won’t put a huge dent in your pocket-book. The price for Solo Pro starts at under $2,900 CDN. Just add projector!

What movie will you be watching tonight?

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