Hey Alexa, how do you feel about Google Home? Why homeowners are embracing voice control technology

Believe it or not it was only a few years ago when voice control technology, virtual assistants and everyday artificial intelligence entered the market, yet most of us really didn’t take much notice to it.

The reality at the time was that talking to our house was something that sounded like stuff on Star Trek, Star Wars, or even The Jetsons. This tech seemed so out of reach; it appeared to be very complex, leading us to assume that it would also come with a hefty price tag.

Over the last decade or so, all of us have become accustomed to controlling our smart home devices with apps and home automation systems. With the click of a button on our smartphones, tablets, desktops and in-wall touch-screens, we have discovered how to be the boss at home when it comes to controlling and monitoring lighting, entertainment, security systems, thermostats, smart-locks and motorized shades and blinds – just to name a handful.

However, technology is rapidly advancing and voice control technology is now turning out to be the next best thing for today’s connected smart home, thanks to Amazon and Google as they have mastered the cloud-based voice service tactfully. These two tech giants have pushed this technology in a big way, making it now more mainstream than ever.

Voice control technology is now taking off in a huge way simply because it removes the need for us to use buttons, dials, apps, and switches. Now with a simple voice command, we can check the weather and sports scores, play music, manage “to-do” lists, watch TV, and so much more!

Voice Control Technology Explained

Amazon’s Alexa-controlled Echo Plus, Echo and Echo Dot speakers let you do all sorts of things with the aid of your voice: play music, make calls, set alarms and timers, check your flight status and control your TV.

This technology is activated with the wake word “Alexa.” So, from the comfort of your kitchen, bed our couch, Alexa will respond to thousands of questions and requests, like these: “Alexa, what is the weather forecast for tomorrow?”; “Alexa, did the Toronto Maple Leafs win last night?”; and, “Alexa, tell me a joke.”

Then there is the Google Home, which is also very impressive technology. All you need to do is use the wake phrase “Okay, Google” and this technology is instantly activated.  This tech lets you do all sorts of things: shuffle your music playlist, dim your Philips Hue lights, and you can even ask it to stream Netflix to your TV with Chromecast.

Google Home and Assistant is also handy for around the house. Before heading to work you can check on how long your commute will be on the highway, add items to your weekly shopping, list, and discover how many cups is one stick of butter.

And yes, you can even ask it thousands of questions and make endless requests.

“Okay, Google, when is the next Raptors game?” And just like that, a comforting and assuring voice responds back: “They’ll be back in action against Chicago tomorrow night at 7:30 PM.”

While Google and Amazon are clear frontrunners in the smart home market, an increasing number of well-known brands have also joined the voice control technology movement.

The Apple Home Pod is an elegantly designed compact speaker “that totally rocks the house” and it’s also a brilliantly designed home assistant through its innovative voice command system.

Voice Control Technology Works With Many Smart Products

Even better, Amazon Alexa works now on all Sonos players and of course on Apple’s Home Pod.

The options for voice controlled systems on the market is endless, so make sure you do your research and stick with reputable products that provide quality and safety.

So, is voice control technology right for you? That’s a question you will need to ask; however, if you love new technology then now is the time to check it out. Our System Design Team at Design Electronics will work with you and explain everything you need to know when incorporating this technology into your smart home. And not to worry, this technology is fun and very easy to use, and it’s also very affordable.

Our team will recommend this technology when planning your next smart home project as it’s highly efficient and very reliable.

Now you can control what you want when you want – lights, thermostats, scenes, security cameras, robot vacuums, dryers and dishwashers, and the list could go on – with simple voice commands.

The future of technology has been here for a while. So, let us connect you with the future today!


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