Why Life Is Better At The Movies

Movies are powerful

We get to see places that we can only imagine, meet people that you wouldn’t normally meet and experience extreme beauty, gut-wrenching comedy, terrifying fear, mind-blowing magic, unbelievable effects and thrilling action in ways that can make you feel real with deep emotions. The connection that we can make with characters, story-lines, places and things in film is truly remarkable. I am speaking from my own experience and one of the main reasons that I chose a career designing home entertainment systems is that I know what home theatre means for me and so many others.

Having a home theatre can give you an emotional escape from the stresses of everyday life

If you are feeling sad, then watch a sad movie. You may find the characters and what they are going through comforting and it may help you to feel more positive about your own situation. Or maybe you need a really good laugh and a solid comedy may do the trick to help you out. They say that laughter heals. If you are feeling lazy and need motivation, watch one of those sports-themed-movies where the underdog wins… Disney always does it best in this category.

A good home theatre experience can bring you and your loved ones closer together

Sharing in the experiences of a well-produced motion picture is like taking a mini-vacation, without having to shell-out money for travel and accommodation; heck you don’t even have to leave home to rent one of thousands of titles that are instantly available. Think of the million-of-dollars that are spent to create film and all we need to spend is $5-$6 to enjoy it right in our own home. How spoiled are we?

If you haven’t already invested a little into your home theatre, having a large screen and large sound to go with it does make a huge difference

Nothing amazing will ever happen watching a small screen and listening to the built-in speakers. You owe it to yourself to have this wonderful escape available to you when you need it. It is great entertainment and we learn a lot about life watching movies. Many of the best writers of all times have spent countless hours writing scripts that are true master-pieces, real works of art, that some of the most talented actors on the planet poor their hearts and souls into recreating on screen.

So get the popcorn out, pour some drinks, get some blankets and get curled up, and enjoy a great movie.

Life can be a lot of fun when you are at the movies! Life at the movies is a great escape!

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