Plant Some Fun In Your Gardens

Spring is coming, so here is why you will want a killer outdoor sound this summer.

Well, it’s time to throw away conventional outdoor speaker thinking. We have been trained to think about outdoor sound being a couple of speakers mounted to the wall like floodlights. We all know that when it comes to landscape lighting, the best way to achieve great results is to have many low-wattage lights spread throughout the gardens and not a couple of floodlights bolted to the building right?

Get the sound where you want it – attractively

There are many options on the market today that make attractive and great sounding outdoor speakers and sub-woofers that are compact and install into your gardens, trees and in-ground. Get the sound where you want it – attractively. When the speakers are near where you are sitting, or swimming or hot tubbing, you don’t need to blast them (unless you want to!).

With these garden or landscape types of speaker systems, prices and quality can vary a great deal, but at least now you have this great idea in mind.

If you do decide to blast those tunes, best practice is to invite the neighbours over and save the complaints’ over a couple of drinks. And yes, if they have a song or album request, then make sure you keep them happy.

A couple of my favorite brands in this category are James Loudspeakers, simply because their stuff sounds fantastic and it is all made from aircraft-grade aluminum with lots of finish options. Then there is the Sonance Landscape Series, that are very sleek looking and they sound wonderful too.

So, have fun planting your new sound gardens and listening to your favourite tunes in the warmer temps. Life is better outdoors with sound!

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