High-End ‘Fam Caves’ Are All The Rave: What You Need to Know Before Spending Money and How to Choose the Right Home Theatre Company

Homeowners everywhere these days are realizing the tremendous value of high-end home theatre rooms: they add value to real estate, and more importantly, they create unique, safe and memorable experiences for families year-round.

“High-end home theatre rooms, or ‘fam caves’ as they are called, are becoming very popular as they offer value in so many ways,” says Clinton Howell, who is the Director of Custom Residential Sales and Marketing with Design Electronics. “A home theatre room is a perfect escape for anyone who wants to watch movies, sports, sitcoms, documentaries and the nightly news, and they are a great way to entertain friends and family.”

However, before you rush out and spend money on your ‘fam cave,’ there are important facts you need to know first. Keep in mind high-end home theatre rooms can be costly, but when done right your investment will go a long, long way.

What You Need To Know Before Show Time

While you and your family are dreaming about kicking back with a bucket full of popcorn, sodas and a new box office release, Howell highly recommends you plan your ‘fam cave’ with great detail.

Design Electronics’ Howell is hailed as an expert in the industry. He has a successful career with over 20 years of award-winning experience in the custom home theatre and home integration business working with more than 3,000 homeowners. To date Howell’s projects have won 17 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle Awards for home theatre and home integration installations. He is also heavily relied on by the news media for his knowledge in the industry.

“The first thing everyone needs to know is the importance of acoustics,” says Howell. “Poor acoustics will ruin your home theatre experience. If you want an incredible cinema-theatre sound, which is ideal for your space, then I would highly suggested utilizing a thick luxury style carpet and applying acoustic treatments for your ceilings and walls. You want your room to be well balanced, without any noticeable echo when you clap your hands. Ideally the front half of the room is less lively in terms of sound than the sitting area of the room where surround sound effects will take place. These tips will help to ensure your sound is second-to-none in a specific space.”

Always consult the help of an expert when it comes to room acoustics: you can save money on the equipment and end up with better audio performance.

Next, Howell suggests that homeowners purchase the right audio electronics.

“A sound system will make or break your home theatre experience,” he says. “An excellent sound system is a must-have if you want to have the perfect high-end home theatre room.”

Purchasing the right projector and screen is also critical.

Sure, some homeowners will want a big flat screen TV for their home theatre room and that can be a great option for a multi-purpose media room or rec-room, especially where video gaming with motion sensing bars are going to be used, but for movies and large sporting events projectors still rule the day. To get the full movie going and box office seating stadium event experience, you truly need the largest screen that your room and seating distance warrant.

When it comes to screens, the options are endless. There are plenty of choices in style and sizes on the market, and they also come rolled up and are easy to set-up. Even better, screens provide a much bigger picture for that ‘night-out-at-the-movies’ experience. Think about where you like to sit in the movie theatre and that will help you to know what size of screen that suits your needs. For example, if you like to sit in the middle of the movie theatre, that is loosely 1.5 X the width of the screen to your ideal seat.

“Having the right acoustics, sounds systems, projectors, and screens are all important when constructing a high-end home theatre room,” says Howell. “Then all you need to do is select some nice seating and call it show time.”

Call In the Pros

The team at Design Electronics highly suggests that homeowners who want a high-end home theatre room should work with professionals in the industry. They will also provide their expertise on lighting, seating, while helping you connect all the technology seamlessly.

“It’s best to leave it to the experts as they will walk you through the planning phase and help you select the right technology for your needs and will save you from making potentially costly mistakes which are inevitable without experience,” he says. “In choosing the right company for your project, make sure you do your research: select a company that’s been in business a long time and ensure they have good reviews and excellent industry credentials – these factors are all very important.”

“Plan everything out right, work with professionals, and enjoy your high-end home theatre experience,” says Howell. “Once you have your first luxurious ‘fam cave,’ there’s no going back – you will have one forever.”

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