Custom Home Theatre

With Design Electronics’ Custom Home Theatre solutions, we bring the theatre experience to the privacy of your own home with dazzling visuals, thundering audio, intuitive automation and control, and unparalleled design, installation, and service.

Design Electronics has built a strong and respected reputation by providing homeowners with completely immersive custom home theatres in the privacy of their own residence. Our custom home theatres integrate seamlessly into the pre-existing or brand new infrastructure and décor, masterfully merging aesthetically beautiful design principles with cutting-edge technologies and components in one stunning package that is sure to impress even the most stubborn critics.

We offer a variety of options and technologies that can cater to any project scope or budget. The home theatre packages include the latest LCD, LED, and projection TV options as well as solutions featuring professional-grade projectors and screen setups. We’ll provide the most cost-efficient and impressive combination of audio and playback components including HD Blu-Ray, professional grade amplifiers, receivers, speakers, and subs. All elements of the system are routed through custom programmed interfaces and remote devices that offer intuitive audio, lighting, and playback control.

We also provide acoustical treatment of any home theatre, offering a solution that is not only tuned and calibrated to the exact dimensions and characteristics of the space, but isolated so that neighbouring rooms are not affected. Contact us today to find out how we can help you realize your dream entertainment solution.