"Providing the best possible service to our clients allows us to provide the best possible result on any project." – Design Electronics President & Chief Engineer, Lorne Bjorgan (CTS)
Customer service has been the core strength of Design Electronics since the company’s inception 30 years ago. Throughout the entire design and installation process, our clients receive the industry-leading service that has brought us to the forefront of the systems integration market.

Understanding that flawless reliability, functionality, and performance of our systems and components are integral to the operation of our client’s places of business, we have established in-depth service provisions, guaranteeing the ongoing optimal operation of any of our systems or components. We can provide instant, round-the-clock, remote monitoring support, and on-site assistance to resolve any technical or operational issue that may arise.

In addition to our standard one year system warranty, to best serve our clients, Design Electronics offers three Service Level Agreement (SLA) packages designed to provide the perfect level of service coverage to meet your needs.

Mission Critical SLA

For clients seeking complete and constant monitoring along with instant on-site support, the Mission Critical SLA provides:

  • Unlimited 24-hour, 365-days-a-year telephone support
  • Immediate dispatch of an onsite technician
  • Quarterly Health Checks, maintenance and updates of all hardware and software, ensuring consistent and optimized performance
  • Unlimited training and service calls
  • Urgent part replacement and re-installation at no cost

Premium SLA

Clients requiring an enhanced service package that thoroughly caters to their needs can choose the Premium SLA. Which provides:

  • 24-hour, Monday through Friday telephone support
  • Next day on-site technician dispatch
  • Limited downtime guarantee
  • Semi-annual Health Checks and maintenance updates
  • Loaner equipment during repair periods

Standard SLA

Delivering efficient and cost-effective service provisions to keep your system integration running smoothly, our Standard SLA provides:

  • Unlimited business-hour telephone support backed up by the availability of on-site technical support and troubleshooting
  • Complete manufacturer’s warranty on all components and technologies employed in the system
  • Annual Health checks and maintenance updates