"Systems integrated by Design Electronics, whether as part of a new build or existing site, do not only perform spectacularly, but they are future-proof as well." – Design Electronics President & Chief Engineer, Lorne Bjorgan (CTS)
Electronics integration is the art of merging audio, video, and control systems into one seamless network of interrelated devices. Modern technologies allow for dramatic and stunning possibilities with ease-of-use interfaces, bringing many different platforms under your control all with a single button press through Crestron. Design Electronics' ability to provide a turn-key solution to any audiovisual integration project enables us to optimize the functionality and impact of all of our systems, providing the best outcome and value.

Our strength is in our ability to design, program, and implement a complete audiovisual solution that will exceed the desired results of our clients. In situations where Design Electronics is adding or updating an existing system, our approach is to provide a solution that will perform perfectly within the previous matrix, while adding modern ease-of-use features, cutting-edge technologies, and state-of-the-art results customized to any project and budgetary profile.

As the trends, technologies, and platforms in the electronic systems integration market are constantly evolving and changing, it is the goal of Design Electronics to offer a future-proof solution that not only provides the most current technologies and products available today, but also integrates with any future innovations that are developed. This ensures that a Design Electronics' system installed today will still be current and operational 20 years from now.

Our systems strike the fine balance between complex design and ease-of-use operation and functionality. Our benchmark is our customer service, delivering solutions that not only impress and inspire but also provide a sense of satisfaction and contentment within our customers every time they interact with one of our systems.