At Design Electronics, systems engineering is our passion and life-long pursuit. The basis of all our success as an audiovisual Systems Integration leader is our ability to not only attract but also keep onboard as part of our team, the industry’s best and brightest electronics engineers, CAD experts, and engineer technician specialists.
The Design Electronics Engineer Team maximizes the combined experience of over 100 years of technical expertise in the design and application of audiovisual solutions. This comprehensive knowledge of systems integration and audiovisual platforms is applied to every project.

Engineering is at the core of Design Electronics' approach to serving the systems integration market. The extensive and comprehensive experience, expertise, and knowledge held by the Engineering Team has allowed Design Electronics to become an industry leader in the audiovisual systems integration market.

Our certified team of CAD and Electronic Engineering specialists can create a virtual representation of any proposed system design, giving you a complete overview of the components, their layout, and the functionality and capabilities of the entire system before a single cable is run.

The Engineering component of every Design Electronics integration is what sets us apart from all other integrators. By employing in-house electronics engineers and computer automated design specialists, and keeping them up-to-date with the most current and advanced technical knowledge and training available, we are able to offer the services of the industry’s most qualified team of engineers.