Servicing the residential markets, be it condo, apartment, multi-unit dwelling, or private residence, Design Electronics can offer a complete solution for all audiovisual, networking, surveillance, lighting, and automation needs. Our reputation is built on designing visually stunning installations that will set any residence apart from the rest while offering complete control, functionality, and entertainment value.
Our residential solutions cover the following segments: audiovisual, including custom home theatres and centralized sound systems; security and surveillance featuring cutting edge access control, CCTV, remote monitoring, and alarms systems; home automation offering cost-cutting energy monitoring and control; and lighting control systems that provide dazzling results.

We apply our extensive experience servicing the corporate market to our residential solutions. We employ professional grade components and technologies in all our installations, ensuring our systems not only offer cutting-edge capabilities, but will also become integral in the operation of your residence on a daily basis.

Our designs network all electronic systems, including audio, visual, HVAC, lighting, security, and WiFi devices together into one seamless, centralized command centre. Our systems offer the homeowner unparalleled control and monitoring capabilities of their residence, giving not only peace of mind, but also an impressive, user-friendly system.

An enhanced service we offer on all our projects is the tuning and calibration of our systems. We’ll use cutting-edge room-modeling software to optimize the audio and visual impact of your brand new system, making sure it is operating to its full capabilities.

All our projects our completed on time and on budget. Our no obligation quotes remain the same throughout the course of the project, depending on any features or components being added or removed before the final completion of the install. Contact Design Electronics and see how we can bring your home into the future.