Integrating audiovisual, lighting, projection, paging, HVAC, access control, and security and surveillance systems into educational institutions has been a long-standing sector of success for Design Electronics. Our strength is being able to understand the scope or our clients’s needs and requirements and turning that into an optimized, custom-designed system that will meet all functionality and budgetary requirements of any educational institution.
Systems integration into educational facilities requires a sensitive approach that covers all requirements, enabling the administration to not only provide a safe and secure place of learning for students and staff, but also provide technological components to enhance and improve the learning experience. With our long-standing experience in providing solutions to educational facilities, Design Electronics is prepared to custom tailor any system to our client’s specific operational and budgetary needs.

Providing complete control measures for administration and staff is the first priority of any educational systems integration provided by Design Electronics. The role of automation in an educational institute is a pivotal point for the repute of any place of learning. Emergency Campus Broadcast, panic paging, and swipe cards are a few of the many offerings that we have in order to improve the control and implementation process in an educational institute. From labs to interactive classroom experiences - be it projection, wireless controls, lighting controls, audiovisual, and HVAC automation - our team of specialists are able to provide an outstanding and easy-to-use system that will stimulate the learning experience.

With extensive experience servicing the corporate and government sectors, Design Electronics applies the same foolproof CCTV surveillance and access control systems to educational facilities, providing a state-of-the-art security and control system that offers an unparalleled level of protection. Whether it is complete monitoring capabilities of all facility areas or limiting access to sensitive and off-limit sectors, Design Electronics will provide an elaborate and complex solution that is also very easy to use and monitor.

Since we employ the latest technological trends and components, our installations are designed to be future-proof, meaning that once installed, they will provide a complete solution that will function as intended for a long period of time. From touch screens to IP based surveillance and monitoring, we ensure a forward adaptability in order to keep present expense viable for a long period. At the same time, we also have special plans for periodic compatibility checks and upgrades to keep your institute on the cutting edge.